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Legacy Building

The primary purpose of this proposal is to connect your passion for investing with a keen interest in high art. As the client, you will help make the final selection of work, with full control over how this collection is maintained, exhibited and cared for, sustaining and increasing its value.* The potential for reward is great as it relies both on four decades of successfully increasing sales and the client’s own personal taste expressed in a collection. More significantly, this desire to leave a legacy can be found in the creation of a purpose built institution.













A number of successful businessmen and women with personal art collections have devised a lasting legacy through the building of a museum. These structures are not simply buildings with a name stamped on them, they become crucial additions to the community, continue the good work of their founders, add cultural value to the family name and, in the long-term become inspirational spaces for members of the public to enjoy art - creating a sustainable, lasting legacy through your art collection.

In this context, the Collection does not necessarily have to be the largest or the most spectacular, but it most certainly can be the best, based on your knowledge and passion for art and your desire to create a meaningful legacy. The goal here is to be both practical and aspirational, creating a unique experience for the visitor while caring for the collection in perpetuity.   

Examples of personal art collections turned into museums - and a sustained legacy:

The Frick Collection, NYC. Based on the collection of Henry Clay Frick

and housed in his purpose built residence, it was designed and funded

to become a public museum upon his death. It is now one of the most

important private family collection-based museums globally, with a

world-class reputation.


The Gardener Museum, Boston, MA. Contains both Isabella Gardeners’ original

Venetian style palazzo with Renzo Pianos’ later addition and houses an extensive

historical collection as well as collecting and exhibiting contemporary art.





* Notes on selecting your artwork - Three Options

1. You may download and make your selection from our "Museum Collection" catalog

2. Upon request we will email you images of selected works to fit your needs

3. You can also make an appointment to meet Jamali at one of our 3 galleries and personally select your work on site

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