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Dear Investor,

Greetings from Florida my friend. I have some truly exciting news – my 480 page autobiography is on the press (9 years in the making, publishers - Random House, Penguin & Rizzoli – release date Fall 21) and we have the land ready to build Jamali Art Museum – JAM! Now fully incorporated, with initial fundraising already started, it will hold a multi-billion dollar collection of 20,000 original pieces from the best of my works, saved specifically for this museum. Plus, I’ve had discussions with leading architects (For ex. Piano, Libeskind and Ando) on an iconic design and my autobiography is being adapted for a major film!

My reason in writing this letter and presenting this proposal is: I want you to own your own museum as part of your long-term, sustainable legacy. 


a) I want you to own YOUR Museum. Using your Real Estate you will retain ownership of all artwork and Brand/Naming rights. On a consultation basis, we will provide all necessary help in Real Estate, Branding, Art selection and all legalese.**

b) Naming rights only. You decide on your level of commitment - from a small, curated selection of artwork to an entire gallery in your name, for a fixed period of time - it's your choice.

c) Corporate or other Entities - For ownership by a corporation, hedge-fund, nation, state or county please contact us and we will create a fit to suit option. (Budget is open for negotiation)

**NOTE: We will provide everything you need, from A to Z, to make this a turn-key opportunity. We have the knowledge, facilities and staff to help you avoid the extensive commissions and fees normally associated with a project of this kind. And I have carefully saved the best of my work specifically for this museum - and for you. Significantly, since you are dealing directly with Jamali, the entire project will be transparent, based on a shared aesthetic and trust. Therefore, your collection comes to your museum project intact, saving vital funding and artwork to support the museum and your legacy in perpetuity.

Focused on the best of my art and functioning both as a world-class museum and an investment opportunity JAM would be an excellent compliment to Prime Location projects in cities like Los Angeles, New York or Miami.*

JAM can come to fruition in many ways, but the primary goal is to create a landmark institution housing the largest single-artist museum in the world with the best examples of Mystical Expressionism, Jamali’s unique contribution to the history of art. This organization would be fully supported by the artist and his foundation and will include a museum quality catalog with scholarly essays and 22k gold leaf framing with museum glass.


Most significantly, this is a timely, urgent request as I am 74 years old and I will not get a second chance to make this offer. Without being overly dramatic - The time to act is now.


Of course, no simple, written description can truly paint a picture of the scale, diversity, and content of my art. Therefore, I am requesting to present my proposal to you in person hoping you will be my guest in New York or Winter Park, Florida. Let us build your unique JAM, and your legacy, together and share the power and beauty of artwork I’ve spent my life creating.  


Your Friend,


(*Jamali makes no guarantees as to actual return on investments.)

Selected Private & Public Collections  


Selected Private Collectors

Abdulrahman al-Rashed, General Manager, Al Arabiya News

Abdulla bin Ibrahim Al Rumaihi, Chief of the Royal Court, Kingdom of Bahrain

Allen R. Glick, Founder, Argent Corporation, Las Vegas

Andreas Jacobs, Chairman, Jacobs Holding AG, Vice Chairman, Infront Sports & Media AG

Dan Patrick, Sportscaster

Elton John, Musician

Emeril Lagasse, Chef

Eric Spiegel, former CEO, Siemens USA

Gary Player, Professional Golfer

Gerald Forsythe, Chairman & CEO, Indeck Companies, Co-Founder Forsythe/Pettit Racing

Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO, General Electric

James Carville & Mary Matalin, Political Consultants 

Jero Bentz, General Partner, Melitta Group

Jon Platt, Chairman and CEO, Sony/ATV Music Publishing

John W. Henry, Owner, Boston Red Sox & Liverpool Football Club

Joop van den Ende, Founder & Owner, Stage Entertainment, Amsterdam

Kelsey Grammer, Actor

His Majesty King Abdullah II, Jordan

Kris Jenner, TV Personality 

Laura Lang, former CEO, Time Inc.

Oprah Winfrey, Broadcaster 

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Israel

HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Ambassador to Great Britain

Raquel Welch, Actor

Raymond (Rip) Gellein, Chairman, Strategic Hotels and Resorts

Rick Mears, Indianapolis 500 winner

Romeo Santos, Singer

The Honorable Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida

The Honorable Eliot Spitzer, Governor of New York

Selected Corporate / Public Collections

Bank of America, Charlotte

Crescent Hotel, Hunt Family Properties, Dallas

Darden Concepts Inc., Headquarters, Orlando

First Union Bank Headquarters, Charlotte

Seven Seas Explorer Ship, Regent Seven Seas Cruises

RXR Realty, New York

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Chicago

Spitzer Enterprises, New York

Time Warner Inc., New York

Trammel Crow, Dallas


​3D Renderings


Jamali Art Museum: International Museum of Contemporary Art


The Jamali Art Museum (JAM) is a world-class international museum of contemporary art with the aim of sharing Jamali’s exceptional art and his life’s work, incorporating seminal themes: Art, Nature, Peace and Mystical Expressionism.


JAM is designed as an open museum concept that brings leading artists, architects, designers, investors and business people together to create a unified manifesto for art and business with the ultimate aim of creating peace in the world.


The ambition is to create several unique architectural frameworks around Jamali’s art, with the joint purpose of promoting dialogue, business potential and understanding between the world’s regions.


Jamali is an internationally renowned artist and has, as few living world class artists have, made a solid impression on art history. As the founder of an established global art movement “Mystical Expressionism”, a leading artistic interpreter of Eastern and Western Art traditions and finally a successful creator of art investment objects, Jamali has left an indelible mark on art history.


Jamali now invites leading businesses, foundations and individuals to become a sponsor of JAM. Through this alliance investors will attain exclusive ownership of Jamali’s foremost artworks, access to a lucrative international business network as well as attain a position as the main players in a visionary global art initiative.


The Jamali Foundation, incorporated in the US, is seeking suitable locations and sponsors  for its museum concept and resources including 60,000+ original artworks, a world-class team of art consultants and art administrators.


The Museum Project


The true practicality behind intelligence is survival and enhancement. Every intelligent decision is derived from a need to find longevity in this world and for all futures to come. It’s through this intelligent decision making that we will survive, prosper and enjoy this life.


Art is intelligence, as it keeps man connected to nature and his environment, cementing the intricate and necessary tools for a balanced life. This is the new model for the business of our day, business built as a piece of art: integrity, compatibility, sensibility, sustainability, practicality and enhancement of value. Why can’t a business appreciation value over time like a masterpiece of art? This is my model of business, the art of business or better yet, the business of art.



Program Description

The Jamali Museum will house the most coveted spiritual pieces from his foundation’s collection of various media: fresco temperas, pigment on cork, dispersions, pastels, oils, photography, sculpture, etchings, lithography and drawings. These works will be personally selected by the artist and curated according to the artist’s, and the investor’s, creative vision.



Art Collection of the Museum

One of the most important jobs of the artist is to continually deepen mystery through art. History has shown that such mystery takes countless shapes and forms over time. One of the most daunting challenges of the museum complex is acquiring a large collection of well-rounded, diverse and internationally respected collection of art that conveys such mystery. Jamali’s achievements over the past 40 years has reached such a crescendo in the global high art community, a museum dedicated to his legacy, and comprised of a permanent art collection in his name, will add great value to any region.


With over 60,000 pieces of original artwork to his name, Jamali has the largest collection of contemporary art for a single artist in the world ever. Consisting of expressive artworks including delicately sentimental, small bronze sculptures to monumental sized fresco temperas and dispersions and oils. JAM will offer grand-scale exhibition spaces to showcase these immense pieces of artwork. To give you a comparison currently Paul Klee single artist museum in Switzerland ( is the largest in the world with 4300 pieces of art.

Picasso has been estimated to have produced 50,000 artworks in his lifetime, consisting of 1885 Paintings; 1228 sculptures; 2880 ceramics, roughly 12,000 drawings, many thousands of prints, and numerous tapestries and rugs. (details here)

Jamali has to date created 63,000 artworks: 24,000 paintings, 7000 pastels, 10,000 drawings and thousands of art prints photographs and  sculptures, as well as 60 manuscripts of poems.


The artist’s oeuvre offers the museum virtually limitless possibilities for special exhibitions, including traveling shows, over extended periods of time. Through a team of competent curators, marketing and public relations experts worldwide, the impact of these traveling shows will be viewed and appreciated throughout the world. Jamali’s years of expertise in mounting major international exhibitions offers the necessary skills, infrastructure and support to make these events successful and distinctively accomplished in the art community’s eyes.




Since the late 1990’s very few contemporary art movements  have made a truly lasting impression or unique contribution to the history of art. Mystical Expressionism, the nouveau and collective response to the conventions of Abstract Expressionism, German Expressionism and Constructivism, is by definition the most innovative, breakthrough achievement shattering all traditional surfaces and redefining modern painting.
(See Rizzoli International for details. Also see here for publication. And here for more on Mystical Expressionism)


Several leading international urban centers have a major single artist museum that has transformed their city’s economic status, such as Paris, Barcelona, Bilbao and Mexico City. Your region is likely competing globally with other cultural epicenters of the world, and JAM offers the opportunity to embrace a single artist’s vision and movement for international contention.


The acclaimed stature and historical relevance of Jamali’s Mystical Expressionism movement has been widely lauded through several published monographs by the prestigious publishers Rizzoli, including the recent “100 One Man Shows”, and through countless publications and catalogs. He is credited with producing over 60,000 pieces of work and is collected by over 10,000 art enthusiasts worldwide and has been represented by 60 dealers and art advisors.


The sole mission of this museum is not only to positively represent your region, but also to embrace the inward significance of the individual. By bridging a marriage of significant art styles invented over the last century throughout Western art history, and the traditional mysticism of Middle Eastern Art, Mystical Expressionism achieves a synthesis no other movement has accomplished, embracing all of art’s eternal history.


Establishing the Jamali Art Museum will extensively and definitively bring the world’s attention to the importance of innovative art.


Jamali’s Mystical Expressionism has its foundations in the desert cultures of his family’s pasts. Jamali’s quintessential processes and ground-breaking techniques are reminiscent of and inspired by nature’s inscrutable beauty. This connective tissue with the communities of the region will resonate with tremendous pride in a museum of an extreme magnitude and prestige. This museum will serve as a fulcrum for rebuilding a city’s international identity, reflecting a combination of cultures that will illuminate the world.


In concrete terms, JAM offers the realization of the contemporary single, living, New York based artist’s museum as a direct springboard to increase the city’s international art prestige.


Business Plan for the Jamali Art Museum


Budget - TBD

Single investor ownership, corporate ownership, civic or Jamali sole ownership

Completion time - 36 months


Museum building, land design, land cost, engineering, permits, labor, etc.

Outlay for purchase of curated permanent collection of original museum pieces by JAMALI


Museum property and museum permanent collection remain the property of the investor(s) with a management team hired and trained by JAMALI


Museum operation will feature several cash generating entities on it’s premises.


•   Ticket and Membership Sales

•   Museum Bookstore

•   Museum Gift Shop

•   Museum Art Sales Gallery

•   Museum Restaurant

•   Museum Spaces Available for Special Events


Cash income will finance the cost of building and operations.


The stated agenda of the museums to bring the museum’s permanent collection to the general public’s domain and to the attention of contemporary art circles around the world.


Keys to the Success of JAM

•   Location

•   Quality of Permanent Collection

•   Management

•   Public Relations

•   Ongoing Scholarly Publications

•   Steadfast Commitment to Long Term Investment Goals True to the JAM brand
Uphold JAM’s Activities to the Highest Ethical Standards


This proposal is an unprecedented opportunity for an exceptional investor to take part in this iconic cultural institution.




1)   Jamali’s multi-billion dollar oeuvre of 60,000+ artworks, all blue-chip quality, reflects a genuine dedication and significant contributions to contemporary art, with a career spanning over 40 years in the United States. Currently Jamali is one of the most collected living artists in the US of original artwork with 10,000+ collectors worldwide.

2)    JAM offers investors the opportunity to be an integral part of the largest internationally renowned, single-artist contemporary art museum in the world.

3)    A museum property is in fact one of the most desired pieces of real estate in any community. Major galas, fundraising functions, private receptions and international traveling exhibitions coupled with a museum’s brand, adds prestige, glamor and substantial monetary value to the property and its neighboring areas. Investing in a museum property is, in and of itself, a lucrative opportunity.

4)   Jamali’s 40+ year career in the high-art community offers a unique opportunity to create, from inception to ongoing management, an organization of substance and productivity. With hands on experience managing several exclusive art galleries in the United States, including facilities that span over 50,000 square feet, and networking with hundreds of art consultants and dealers, Jamali has the capability and know how to manage a major, international museum.

5)   Jamali will bring a world-class management team of art experts and highly trained personnel to run the museum. One of the most important functions of this management team will be to solicit major contemporary artists throughout the world into gifting their selected masterpieces for JAM’s permanent collection. These donated artworks will be curated by the artist in terms of quality, technique and value to the progression of contemporary art. Over a period of 10-15 years, Jamali intends to build a collection of highly reputed artist’s works which will undoubtedly appreciate and grow in value over time, adding to the economic wealth of the museum’s portfolio.

6)    One of the most important priorities of the JAM team is to seek institutional endowments to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the institution. Many highly acclaimed and fiscally sound art institutions have billions of dollars in endowment funds in their portfolios. The vitality and monetary achievement of these institutions offer unequivocal investment opportunities, as they continue to attract sound investors into the fold.

7)    The Jamali Foundation, already incorporated in the US, offers a large selection of masterful pieces, hand selected by the artist and highly coveted works for JAM. This permanent collection will emerge as the largest and most significant single artist contemporary fine art portfolios in the world. Keep in mind, in the last 20 years blue-chip contemporary art has emerged as one of the most attractive and stable investments, appreciating in value and outpacing most major classes of investments.

8)   A strong sponsorship with a museum will concretize intangible cultural influences that will directly benefit the sponsors - from top to bottom.

9)    This alliance also permanently stamps a world-class level of national and international esteem and admiration on the investor. Just like the historically monumental contributions of the great Renaissance family, the Medici’s, so too can your honorable name be aligned with a gifted and indelible artist of their time.


It’s All About JAM


In the music world, a jam is a well-known expression for musicians who spontaneously enter a joint creative process without the use of written music or arrangements to develop a lyrical rhythm. A jam is a universal musical act that dissolves restrictive differences of sounds, languages and rules. Jam inspires and offers the end result of achieving harmonies through contrasting and “seemingly” conflicting sounds and ideas.


Jam constitutes the essence, and the accumulation of concepts behind the visual experiences of the Jamali Art Museum.


JAM - of cultures

Jamali is internationally recognized for his lifelong dedication and commitment to creating visual jam session of contrasting art traditions, business, histories and ideologies. Jamali’s legendary art forms have established the innovative art movement, Mystical Expressionism, a powerful genre bridging the expressionistic art styles invented throughout Western art history and the traditional mysticism of world cultures.


JAM - of collaborations

Jamali Art Museum facilitates a communal harmony, supporting a museum project that is for all - from the business world, the public sector, institutions, individuals and foundations from all over the world. JAM initiates new collaborative constellations between artists and audiences and between traditional and non-traditional bodies of thought with art as the universal, binding language.


JAM - of meeting places

The core idea of the Jamali Art Museum is to create a series of architectural meeting places of the highest international standard. As a cultural flagship JAM will awaken pride and generate engagement among stakeholders across countries and regions. JAM will develop an innovative platform for collaborations between citizens, public players and the business world. JAM, in its physical form, will be an enriching axis that supplies its surroundings with growth, new partnerships, new business potential and new artistic inspiration.


Educational Programs


They say it’s not what is poured into the student’s mind, but what is planted. The objective of education is to prepare sound and eager minds, to support and promote life-long learning. If the only tool a student has is a hammer, that individual will reluctantly see every challenge as a nail. It’s often said, the mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains - and that great teachers inspire. As one of JAM’s most exclusive aspects, the Department challenges and inspires with its programs. When museum guests come to visit JAM, they will not only revel in the sublime beauty of the artwork, but will also find world-class educational programs to enjoy.


Educational Programs

•   Science and Art Programs

•   Environment and Art Programs

•   Design and Art Programs

•   Investment and Art Programs

•   Charities and Art Programs

•   Business and Art Programs

•   Architecture and Art Programs

•   Ethics and Art Programs

•   Peace and Art Programs




1)    As a widely respected, sophisticated and acknowledged international art museum, JAM will attract educated, wealthy tourists and businesses alike. These visitors contribute to the quality and economic wealth of the region, while simultaneously increasing its real estate value.

2)    JAM will garner worldwide publicity of the highest quality and further define your region as a cultural leader in contemporary art. This will further enhance and reflect well on your areas’ publicity campaigns and overall image.

3)    JAM offers tremendous capital investment opportunities adding real value to the real estate offers in the region and guaranteeing property appreciation and enhancement of value over time. (For example, The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Picasso Museum in Paris and the Rodin Museum Philadelphia and the Paul Klee Museum in Switzerland.)

4)    JAM will offer several licensing opportunities, enabling full usage of the Jamali trademark (image and art) for advanced business opportunities and world-wide recognition.

5)    The concept of a single-artist museum in your region is founded on a young concept, appealing to youthful, eager minds determined to achieve and to appropriate the city as a “place in the sun.”

6)    The Jamali Foundation holdings in art, at current market value, exceeds several billion dollars. The sheer magnitude of this sum creates an incredibly powerful and desirable engine fueling contemporary art investment and cultural value, drawing crowds of wealthy art connoisseurs to the region.

7)    The Jamali Foundation recognizes the urgency of creating a major, world renowned contemporary art institution that affords international exposure and high stature. The time to act is now! The current economic climate has created a prime opportunity for investing in museum ventures, as communities retreat from other commercial ventures.

8)    JAM will inspire favorable international public opinion and generate major news headlines about this unprecedented achievement - establishing a healthy, constructive dialogue between East and West about the future of contemporary art.

Jamali blk cover profile-crop.jpg

Staff Facilities / Administrative Departments

•   Conference Rooms

•   Administrative Offices

•   Professional Library

•   Computer Lab

•   Auditorium

•   Art Conservation Department

•   Art Storage Facilities

•   Shipping and Receiving Department

•   Art Crating and Packing Department

•   Museum Maintenance Department

•   Internal Museum Supplies, Storage Rooms and Utility Controls

•   Environmentally Friendly Recycling Facilities

•   Custom Frame Shop

•   Staff Break Rooms

•   Staff Restrooms

•   Exercise Rooms

•   24 hour Security

•   Parking Garage

Architecture of the Museum


•   JAM will only consider proposals from world-class architects

•   10,000 square meters of exhibition space

•   An appropriately spacious, iconic building

•   Design and materials for the museum to be of the highest quality

•   Projected time period for completion: 30 months

Service Departments

JAM will have, as its core organization, several departments that will run and maintain the daily functionality of the museum and its visitors. Service departments play a crucial role in the museum’s success, ensuring that every visitor has a memorable and meaningful experience.


A selection of service departments include:

•   Museum Café

•   Michelin Four Star restaurant with a world renowned chef

•   Art Gallery

•   Visitor Restrooms

•   Internationally recognized Museum Bookstore

•   World-class Museum Library

•   Ticket and Information Center

•   Gift Shop

•   Coat Room

•   Security Center / Staff

•   Parking and Garage Facilities

Museum Staffing and Departments


A company can only survive if its inspirational foundation is comprised of open, intelligent and imaginative minds. By the same token, a company must also rely on its older figures for stability, guidance and realism, and to steer the younger inexperienced minds into achieving the  unimaginable with sound judgment. The infrastructure of JAM will have a proper balance of both these mindsets, with a staff that will handle all the caveats of running an institution, both administrative and technical. Every staff member will have the proper training in the field of art administration.


The expectations of the personnel will always remain high, as every candidate will be required to perform their duties flawlessly and admirably. To contend with the high stresses of running a major global institution, the museum will offer exercise and meditation rooms for its associates, affording them a chance to regroup and recharge their bodies and minds. Studies have shown that employees who are relaxed and healthy will create a better environment for themselves, their colleagues and clientele. In due time, these trainees will mature into accomplished art administrators, spawning an impressive museum culture for the area.


All staffing will extensively and rigorously screened by Jamali for the most harmonious, efficient, intelligent, creative and proactive museum team. Member of the team will include:


•   Jamali - Chief Executive Officer

•   Board of Directors - consisting of community leaders and stakeholders

•   Museum Director

•   Museum Chief Financial Officer

•   Museum Chief Curator

•   Museum Director of Public Relations and Marketing

•   Museum Director of Outreach and Education

•   Museum Director of Design and Publications

•   Museum Director of Human Resources

Selected Bilbiography


  • Jamali: A Mystical Journey of Hope: The True Story of an American Artist - 480 pages, Rizzoli International, 2021.

  • Download a copy of our "Museum Collection" book - contains a select group of artwork from Jamali.

  • Trade Edition Book I & II
    Double book set of Mystical Expressionism / Paintings and Mystical Expressionism / Dreams and Works. Featuring full color reproductions of Jamali's work.


  • Mystical Expressionism - Dreams & Works Collector's Edition with Leather Slip Case - 400 pages, published by Rizzoli International, this collector's edition features a cork page on which Jamali will create a custom drawing. Year: 2003

  • Mystical Expressionism / Dreams & Works Limited Edition with Black Cloth Slip Case - 400 pages, featuring full color reproductions of Jamali's work. Essays by Donald Kuspit and forward by Philip E. Bishop. Published by Rizzoli International. year: 2003

  • Mystical Expressionism / Paintings Collector's Edition with Cork Slip Case - 200 pages, published by Rizzoli International, this collector's edition features a cork page on which Jamali will created a custom drawing. year: 1997

  • Mystical Expressionism / Paintings Limited Edition with Brick Slip Case - 200 pages, featuring full color reproductions of Jamali's work. Essays by Donald Kuspit and forward by Mark Strand. Published by Rizzoli International. year: 1997

  • Mystical Expressionism / Paintings Trade Edition, 200 pages, featuring full color reproductions of Jamali's work. Essays by Donald Kuspit and forward by Mark Strand. Published by Rizzoli International. year: 1997

  • 2002 Limited Editions Catalogue  - The 2002 collection of limited editions from Mardan Publishing. Contains full color images of limited edition releases for that year. Includes sizes, frames, inventory numbers and more.  year: 2002

  • 2003 Limited Editions Catalogue  - The 2003 collection of limited editions from Mardan Publishing. Contains full color images of limited edition releases for that year. Includes sizes, frames, inventory numbers and more. year: 2003

  • 2005 Limited Editions Catalogue  - The 2005 collection of limited editions from Mardan Publishing. Contains full color images of limited edition releases for that year. Includes sizes, frames, inventory numbers and more.  year: 2005

  • Jamali Mystical Expressionism Catalogue  - 50 pages with full color reproductions of Jamali's work. Includes information on Jamali's processes, galleries and collectors. year: 2007

  • Mystical Expressionism Hilligoss Catalogue  - 65 pages, full color reproductions of Jamali's work shown in Hilligoss Gallery in 2002.  year: 2002

  • Jamali Biographical 2011 - 6 pages, featuring full color reproductions of Jamali's work, Appreciation chart, Selected Collectors list, and information on the artist.

  • Jamali Print Catalog 2011 - 10 pages, featuring full color reproductions of Jamali's hand picked limited edition gicleé pieces.

  • Sales Booklet  - 16 pages, featuring full color reproductions of Jamali's work. Introduction by Philip E. Bishop and essay by Donald Kuspit.

  • Sales Booklet  - 16 pages, featuring full color reproductions of Jamali's work. Essay by Donald Kuspit.


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