Jamali Art Museum

I have followed an independent path to success as an avant-garde artist, based on both my innate talent and, more importantly, the extraordinary support of my collectors over the past 40 years.

Now as I create our single-artist museum, my wish is to have you become partners in an historical venture - the Jamali Art Museum (JAM). Through participation, you share in my success as a supporter as well as enhancing your art investment portfolio.*

  • This is a proposal for the creation of JAM, the largest single artist museum in the world (based on the artist’s creation of 50,000+ artworks), celebrating the artwork from the founder of Mystical Expressionism, the sixth –ism in the history of art.

  • The artist’s personal collection, numbering in the thousands, will be the foundation of the JAM collection, and is extensively documented, organized and archived for efficient access, housed in facilities totaling 48,000 square feet.

  • The collection is supported by an array of scholarly monographs, catalogues, digital images and autobiography of the artist published by prestigious Rizzoli, Penguin Random House, in beautiful editions.

  • With more than 10,000 collectors, Jamali’s work is well-represented worldwide.

  • This proposal is an unprecedented offer to build a legacy; it is an incredible investment opportunity given the aesthetic quality and diversity of Jamali’s art and its market value.

Investor Proposal and Benefits

  • Ownership/title of artwork

  • Lifetime museum membership

  • Artworks will be exhibited for a fixed time, with longer term exhibitions negotiable

  • Artworks published in the JAM monograph and collector listed as a "Founding Sponsor of JAM"

  • Privilege of full access to the artist and advanced notice and limited access to newly available work

  • Donor will have planned access to JAM to host special events


  • We invite you to contact us directly to negotiate your custom investment in the JAM project.

* Notes on selecting your artwork - Three Options

1. You may download and make your selection from our "Museum Collection" catalog

2. Upon request we will email you images of selected works to fit your needs

3. You can also make an appointment to meet Jamali at one of our 3 galleries and personally select your work on site

Please note this is a time sensitive offer and, as the finest pieces become more scarce, prices could very likely rise.