• New York based American artist for forty years.

  • Creator of sixth major avant-garde style 'Mystical Expressionism'

  • Two monographs, six hundred pages, six editions, ten thousand copies published by distinguished Rizzoli International

  • On the press, a 480 page autobiography titled "Jamali, A Mystical Journey of Hope: The True Story of An American Artist" published by Rizzoli-Electa, Penguin, Random House

  • Jamali Foundation- largest single artist foundation in the world

  • One of the most prolific artists in history, credited with fifty thousand pieces of artworks

  • One of the most collected artist in the world for original paintings

  • Achievements include: inventing radical techniques of painting: fresco tempera, pigmentation on cork, and dispersions

  • First to ritualize dancing, painting and active processes of nature

  • Gifted poet, sculpture, photographer, writer, printermaker

  • Eight art facilities in Florida, Denmark, and New York

  • Seventy-five years old, married to wife Karen, with two children. All gifted artists.

  • Near future plans include major motion picture, Jamali Art Museum, published Jamali book of Poems, and Jamali photography