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Be a Contributor to Jamali Art Museum


My friends - now it begins. I am excited to share my dream for the Jamali Art Museum (JAM)!

What is JAM?
It is the culmination of 50 years of my contribution to world art history.
In 1976 I had a mystical dream to create Art and Peace and today, the dream has come true.


  • I created Mystical Expressionism - the 6th major "ism" in the history of art.

  • Thanks to my collectors I also became one of the most collected living artists for original artworks.

  • I am proud to share that the prestigious publishers Rizzoli, who published two definitive monographs on my art, are also contracted to produce my 480 page autobiography (late 2022).

  • The Jamali Foundation is one of the largest single-artist foundations globally.

Today I am inviting you to be a part of the Jamali Art Museum and to take time to peruse my offer on this site. And, I am asking you to please call me. Then, one step at a time, we will share a new vision for our world. We are all here for a brief moment on this earth and our task is to add inspiring love, beauty, Art and Peace for us and for generations to come.



a)Own YOUR Museum. Using your Real Estate you will retain ownership of all artwork and Brand/Naming rights. On a consultation basis, we will provide all necessary help in Real Estate, Branding, Art selection and all legalese.

b) Naming rights only. You decide on your level of commitment - from a small, curated selection of artwork to an entire gallery in your name, for fixed period of time - it's your choice.

c) Corporate or other Entities - For ownership by a corporation, hedge fund, nation, state or county please contact us and we will create a fit to suit option. (Budget is open for negotiation)


In the past several years the discourse around concepts like Impact Investing, Sustainable Development Goals, Global Trends and Game Changers, has been accelerating. All these concepts share a similar goal – to get more than simply financial return on one’s investments. Now, we demand both social and environmental return, visibly placing investments in line with the investor’s global, socially responsible presence. But most strategies don't address the crucial "Social" aspect of Impact Investing.
JAM is the perfect answer in its "Art of Business / the Business of Art / the Art of Peace" approach.  As an investor JAM will directly address the "social" side of Impact Investing, through a world class, purpose built, mindfulness centered, iconic structure! Now, that's Social Impact!

God bless - Now, let's JAM!



JAM is an incorporated entity with a federal tax ID and tax exempt status. We own a 75,000 sq ft piece of commercially zoned land suitable for a museum. All artwork in the collection has been professionally digitized and archived, ready to be added to your collection. This is supported by a team of expert personnel, to aid you in any way possible. Lastly, Jamali is in contact with world-class architects interested in designing JAM.


1. You may download and make your selection from our Museum Collection Catalog

2. Upon request we will email you images of selected artwork to fit your needs

3. You can also make an appointment to meet Jamali at one of our three galleries and personally select your artwork on site

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