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Now available! - $275
Limited, Signed & numbered edition - $1000


The Prophecy -

“What is it about?” I asked her. “This is a story about you.”

The Holy Man took a sip of tea and carefully set the cup down on the tray beside him. He folded his hands in his lap. “You are going to conceive a child soon and this child is going to be your first son. You will find a holy name for your first boy. You may not know this name right away, but your son will grow into his name. He is going to live a long, long life. There will be difficulties along the way. But he will be entrusted with a very important task for mankind. And he will accomplish that mission.

On February 6, 1944, in Peshawar, Pakistan, I was born as was prophesized by the Great Brahmin. I was named Aqdas, which means “The Sacred One”, holy and pure. But the name wouldn’t stay with me. As the great Brahmin prophesized, I would find my true name later on in life as I grew and evolved into a being of Mystical Art and Peace.

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